In addition to voting on polling day, there are opportunities to vote in the Office of the Returning Officer, during advance polls, and through special ballots. Please see our Guide for Voters for more information or contact the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Are you prepared to vote?

• Are you an eligible elector?
• Are you accurately registered on the voters list?
• Do you have sufficient identification?

Eligible Electors

You are eligible to vote if you meet all of the following qualifications:

• Are a Canadian citizen
• Are 18 years of age or older on or before polling day
• Are resident in the NWT and have been ordinarily resident in the NWT for 12 months prior to polling day.

Voter Registration

You must be accurately registered with Elections NWT before you can cast a ballot. If you have recently moved to the territory or recently moved within the territory, you are strongly encouraged to register. Before doing so, please ensure that you are an eligible elector.

Please see the Voter Registration section of our website for information on how to register.

Voter Identification

In order to receive a ballot, an elector must prove their identity and place of residence.

Voters are strongly encouraged to arrive to the polls with proper identification.

The easiest way to prove one’s identity and place of residence is with one current piece of government-issue photo ID: either a driver’s license or general identification card.

Two pieces of identification from an approved list can be shown, but at least one piece must accurately describe the elector’s residential or mailing address.

Without proper identification, a ballot can still be cast, but the process will take more time and effort.

If an elector has no proof of identification, another eligible elector may vouch for them. In order to do so, both electors must take an oath. In addition, the other elector must have their own identification.

If you cannot meet the identification requirements, but know your returning officer by personal acquaintance, then you can vote in the Office of the Returning Officer without showing ID.