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Candidates are not required to live in the electoral district in which they intend to seek election.

The Nomination Paper must be signed by at least 15 eligible electors who are ordinarily resident in the district in which a person intends to run.

Prospective candidates must appoint an Official Agent and include the appointment documents in the completed nomination package.

Nominations are only received by the Returning Officer or other Elections NWT Officials during the Nomination Period (9:00am on the Monday the Writs are issued until 2:00pm the following Friday). 

A completed Nomination Paper and a deposit of $200 must be submitted to the Returning Officer or other authorized person in the electoral district in which the candidate intends to run.

Forms must be submitted in person by either the Candidate or their Official Agent. Facsimiles or electronic submissions will not be accepted.

The Returning Officer or other authorized person will issue a receipt as proof of nomination.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to file early to avoid any last-minute complications.

There will be NO EXTENSIONS after the deadline. No Nomination Papers will be accepted after that deadline.

Photograph of Candidate

Candidates who wish to have their photograph printed on the ballot must submit a photograph with the nomination package.

The photograph must:

  • be a recent image, taken within the past 12 months
  • be taken from a front view
  • feature only the candidate
  • show the head uncovered unless the prospective candidate’s religion or medical condition requires them to wear apparel.

Candidates are encouraged to submit digital photographs.

Withdrawal of Candidate

A candidate’s withdrawal form must be signed by the candidate and witnessed by two eligible voters from the electoral district.

The withdrawal form must be submitted to the Returning Officer or designated election officer before 5:00 pm on the last day of the nomination period.

Candidates who withdraw forfeit the $200 deposit.