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Kids Vote 2023: Unofficial Results

The 2023 Election season isn't quite over just yet: Results are still coming in from our territory-wide Kids Vote campaign, in which four furry/feathery Northern icons vie for victory. With initial polls reporting from Ecoles Itlo and Boreale, as well as Returning Offices in Yellowknife, Hay River and Inuvik, Frankie Fox has taken a commanding lead! Bobbie Bear and Charlene Caribou are currently tied for last place at 65 votes apiece, Pat Ptarmigan pluckily holds a one-vote lead for second place at 66 votes, and Fox has romped to 94 votes, perhaps the fruit of many late-hour visits to local households. We will continue to keep you posted as updates come in...

Updated at 10:07 AM, November 17, 2023