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Returning Officers

Neutrality and non-partisanship are crucial to the performance of a Returning Officer (RO). There are 19 Returning Officers, one for each Electoral District in the NWT. Each RO is the primary contact person for voters and candidates in their electoral district. During an election, ROs will field many questions from election workers, Candidates, and Official Agents about the rules of conduct during an election campaign, and work closely with the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer to help people understand the electoral process and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral system.

Overall duties of each Returning Officer include:

  • appointing election workers;
  • dividing the electoral district into polling divisions;
  • revising the voters list;
  • approving candidate nominations;
  • directing the administration of the ballot; and
  • conducting an official addition of the votes cast for each candidate.
Electoral District Returning Officer
Dehcho Berna Matto
Frame Lake Mona Durkee
Great Slave Carol Nychka
Hay River North Marny Twigge
Hay River South Heather Coakwell
Inuvik Boot Lake Chris Garven
Inuvik Twin Lakes Mitchell MacQuarrie
Kam Lake Yvette Schreder
Mackenzie Delta Grace Martin
Monfwi Harriet Koyina
Nahendeh Allyson Skinner
Nunakput Sarah Ross-Gruben
Range Lake Meag Shouhda
Sahtu Rosa Grandjambe
Thebacha Lynda B. Martin
Tu Nedhé - Wiilideh Lorraine Villeneuve
Yellowknife Centre Joanna Grant
Yellowknife North Amanda Mallon
Yellowknife South Melanie Gentles