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Voter Registration

Who is Eligible to be a Voter?

You are eligible to be a voter if:

  • you are 18 years of age on or before ordinary polling day;
  • you are a Canadian Citizen; and
  • you have been a resident of the NWT for 6 months in a row as of ordinary polling day

Register or Update Your Information

If you are not registered, or you believe the information we have for you is incorrect, please use the form below to register and to update your information.

You will need to upload a copy of your proof of identify and your proof of residence. Before starting this form, review the Voter Identification rules, and be sure you have a copy of appropriate proof ready.

The Voter Registration Tool requires that you use an up-to-date, modern browser. If you're having difficulty seeing or using the Tool, please update your browser.

You will receive a notification email or phone call once your registration has been processed (this can take up to two business days).