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Candidate Reporting

Candidate Financial Reports

The contributions received and expenses made on behalf of candidates are grouped by electoral district.  Any missing 2015 reports will be added to the website once they are accepted and complete.

Click on any of the documents below to view, download, or print the document.
Documents will open as a PDF.

2015 General Election 2011 General Election 2007 General Election
Deh Cho Deh Cho Deh Cho
Frame Lake Frame Lake Frame Lake
Great Slave Great Slave Great Slave
Hay River North Hay River North Hay River North
Hay River South Hay River South    Hay River South   
Inuvik Boot Lake Inuvik Boot Lake    Inuvik Boot Lake   
Inuvik Twin Lakes Inuvik Twin Lakes Inuvik Twin Lakes
Kam Lake Kam Lake Kam Lake
Mackenzie Delta Mackenzie Delta    Mackenzie Delta   
Monfwi Monfwi Monfwi
Nahendeh Nahendeh  Nahendeh 
Nunakput Nunakput    Nunakput
Range Lake Range Lake Range Lake
Sahtu Sahtu Sahtu
Thebacha Thebacha    Thebacha   
Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh Tu Nedhe    Tu Nedhe   
Yellowknife Centre Weledeh Weledeh
Yellowknife North Yellowknife Centre    Yellowknife Centre   
Yellowknife South Yellowknife South    Yellowknife South