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Becoming an Official Agent

Becoming an Official Agent



Candidates must appoint an Official Agent during the nomination process. Information about the Official Agent must be included in part 1 of the Nomination Paper (form 2010).


The role of the Official Agent is to manage campaign finances and reporting.

Official Agents:

  • receive, raise and spend money on behalf of the Candidate;
  • issue tax receipts; and
  • manage a campaign financial account

The Official Agent is required to keep detailed records and receipts of all contributions and campaign expenditures.

The Official Agent must also complete and submit the Candidate’s Financial Report within 60 days after polling day.


Roles and Responsibilities of Official Agents


The Official Agent is responsible for a number of activities that take place before and after ordinary polling day. It is important for the Official Agent to understand that their obligations continue until all post-election reporting is complete.

Campaign Period (29 days)

  • Receiving all contributions for the Candidate’s campaign
  • Issuing official tax receipts for monetary contributions
  • Reimbursing the Candidate for any expenses incurred prior to the campaign period, to be paid using contributions received
  • Depositing all contributions into a bank account or another institution approved by the Chief Electoral Officer (if applicable)
  • Recording all contributions received and election expenses incurred during the campaign period
  • Recording the name and address of each person or organization who contributes more than $100

POLLING DAY (October 1)

Reporting Period (60 days)

  • Ensuring all bills are received and paid within 60 days after polling day
  • Returning all tax receipt books to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer within 60 days after polling day
  • Submitting an accurate and complete Candidate’s Financial Report to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer within 60 days after polling day
  • Requesting (if required) an extension to the deadline for submitting the Candidate’s Financial Report, or any accompanying documentation