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Candidate Portal


What is the Candidate Portal?

The Candidate Portal is an online tool that official Candidates can use to:

  • search the list of electors for the electoral district in which they are running;
  • download copies of the list of electors;
  • view recent changes to the list of electors; and
  • view, print, and download forms and other information.

Candidate Portal Access

The Returning Officer provides access to the portal when a Nomination Paper is accepted and the Nomination Contestant officially becomes a Candidate.

Once access is granted, Candidates will receive an email at the address provided in their Nomination Paper, containing a username, a temporary password, and instructions for how to access the portal.

Resetting your Password

If a Candidate forgets their password, they must contact their Returning Officer to have it reset.

The Returning Officer will not provide a new password over the phone.

All password resets will be sent to the email address provided in the Nomination Paper.

Changing your Email Address

If a Candidate wishes to change the email address they provided to Elections NWT, they must do so in person at the Office of the Returning Officer.