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Campaign Conduct


All campaign workers need to know and respect territorial election laws. Volunteers working on behalf of a Candidate are reminded to conduct themselves respectfully, and to know and observe the law.

Access to Dwellings

At multiple dwelling sites, such as apartment buildings or condominiums, Candidates may access the door of each residential unit between 9:00am and 8:00pm.

In order to gain access, you must prove you are a Candidate to the landlord or building manager. Use your Receipt of Official Candidacy and photo ID to properly identify yourself.

Campaign Material

Local bylaws must be observed when placing campaign material such as signage or posters.

You are not allowed to post, display or distribute campaign material within 25 metres of a polling place or the Office of the Returning Officer.

Any person without the proper authority who takes down, removes, covers up, mutilates, defaces, or alters campaign materials is guilty of an offence and could be liable to a fine of up to $2,000, six months in prison, or both.

Campaigning Near Polling Stations

On polling days, no campaign activity is permitted within 25 metres of a polling station or an advance polling station.

Such activities include:

  • promoting or opposing a Candidate’s election
  • distributing campaign materials

A Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer has the authority to determine if an activity counts as campaigning, and to require participants to stop the activity, or relocate to an area beyond the 25 metre boundary.