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When only one person is listed as a Candidate for an electoral district at the close of the nomination period, that person is acclaimed. This means they are automatically elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Additional Assistant Returning Officer (AARO)

An AARO is an election officer located in communities without a resident Returning Officer. An AARO can accept Nomination Papers and issue Official Receipt Books to Candidates and Official Agents.

Campaign Advertising

The transmission to the public of an advertising message that promotes or opposes a person’s candidacy or election.

Campaign Contribution

A donation made to a campaign that includes money (monetary) or goods and services (non-monetary).

Campaign Expense

Election expenses refer to any amount paid, liability incurred, or the fair market value of any non-monetary contribution accepted to promote or oppose a Candidate’s campaign.


Once a Returning Officer accepts a nomination contestant’s Nomination Paper, the contestant becomes an official Candidate.

Candidate Portal

A website where Candidates can log in and access a number of specific services, including the list of electors for their district, and all the forms they will need during and after their campaign.


The event during which electors vote to select members to serve in the Legislative Assembly.


A person who is eligible to cast a ballot in an election.

Electoral District

A geographical area represented by a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Nomination Contestant

Until a Returning Officer accepts their Nomination Paper, prospective Candidates are called nomination contestants.

Nomination Period

The five day period that starts the day the writ of election is issued by the Chief Electoral Officer. Your Nomination Paper must be accepted by the Returning Officer during this period if you wish to run as a Candidate in the election.

Official Agent

The person responsible for all of a Candidate’s campaign transactions and financial reporting. Official Agents are appointed by the Candidate.

Polling Place

A polling place is a building or room where electors go to cast a ballot. A polling place may contain a single poll, or multiple polls.

Polling Station

Polling stations are areas set up within a polling place where electors cast a ballot for their designated poll. A polling station consists of a ballot box and a voting screen, and is administered by a Deputy Returning Officer and a Poll Clerk.

Returning Officer

The election official responsible for conducting an election in an electoral district. The Returning Officer answers directly to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Writ of Election

A document issued by the Chief Electoral Officer that signals the official start of an election.