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Official Agent's Checklist

Pre-Campaign Period

  • Familiarize yourself with the Elections and Plebiscites Act (a pdf is here);
  • Get organized! Set up a system for financial record keeping;
  • Assist the candidate in recruiting a campaign team;
  • Visit the Forms page to review the Nomination Paper (form 2010);

REMEMBER: you are not legally an Official Agent until the candidate’s Nomination Papers have been accepted by the Returning Officer or other authorized election officer.

Nomination Period

The Official Agent may assist the candidate with completing and submitting the Nomination Paper to the Returning Officer.

If this is the case:

  • Ensure the candidate has signed all the required parts of the Nomination Paper;
  • Complete the Nomination Paper;
  • Submit the completed Nomination Paper to the Returning Officer in the district where the Nomination Contestant wishes to run.

REMEMBER: the candidate may choose to prepare and submit their own Nomination Paper.

Campaign Period

  • Open a campaign account at a bank or an institution approved by the Chief Electoral Officer:
  • deposit all contributions you receive into this account;
  • pay all campaign expenses out of this account.
  • Obtain a statement and receipts from the candidate for any pre-election period expenses;
  • Reimburse the candidate for any pre-campaign expenses using contributions made to the candidate’s campaign;
  • Advise the candidate and the campaign team that all monetary contributions must be made to the Official Agent:
    • the Official Agent may designate another member of the team (in writing) to accept contributions.
  • Obtain the Official Receipt Book (form 2110) from the Returning Officer;
  • Issue official receipts for any monetary contributions received;
  • Record all non-monetary contributions of property and services at market value:
    • non-monetary contributions are not eligible for official receipts.
  • Advise suppliers that all invoices for campaign expenses must be submitted for payment within 60 days after polling day or sooner;
  • Retain and file all invoices and receipts associated with election expenses;
  • Pay all bills and invoices at earliest opportunity;
  • Record all campaign contributions and expenses as they occur.

Post-Election and Reporting Period

  • Remove any campaign signage and materials from public property within 14 days of polling day;
  • Insure all invoices and bills have been received and paid;
  • Balance the campaign finances:
    • Donate any surplus funds (if applicable) to a charitable organization, or submit them to the Chief Electoral Officer.
    • If the candidate ran a deficit, you have 60 days after polling day to collect additional contributions and pay any outstanding bills.
  • Obtain a final statement from the financial institution used for the campaign and close the campaign account;
  • Complete the Candidate’s Financial Report (form 2120) and compile all supporting documentation;
  • Submit the Candidate’s Financial Report and all supporting documentation within 60 days of polling day;
  • If an extension to the financial reporting deadline is required, apply to the Chief Electoral Officer, in writing, within 60 days of polling day.

REMEMBER: there may be legal and/or financial consequences for Official Agents who fail to submit a complete and accurate Candidate’s Financial Report on time.

Candidate's Financial Report 

An accurate and complete Candidate’s Financial Report must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer within 60 days of polling day and must include the following:

  • a signed, accurate, and complete Candidate’s Financial Report (form 2120);
  • campaign account statements from a bank or other approved financial institution or Financial Information Statement (form 2140);
  • all bills, invoices, and receipts proving payment of election expenses;
  • all Official Receipt Books (form 2110) – used and unused - issued to the Official Agent;
  • Signed Candidate Declaration (section 6 of the Candidate Financial Report).">

All the required forms are available on the Candidate Portal