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Choosing an Official Agent


Role of the Official Agent

The role of the Official Agent is to manage campaign finances on behalf of the Candidate. The Official Agent is required to keep detailed records and receipts and must also complete and submit the Candidate’s Financial Report.

Who is Eligible to be an Official Agent?

An Official Agent must be a resident of the NWT. A person is NOT eligible to be an Official Agent if:

  • they are a Candidate;
  • they are a territorial election officer; or
  • they are a government employee, as defined by section 1(1) of the Public Service Act.

What to Look For

Some key qualities to look for in an Official Agent include:

  • strong organizational skills;
  • basic bookkeeping abilities;
  • familiarity with computers;
  • good time management; and
  • attention to detail.

Changing your Official Agent

If an Official Agent resigns or is otherwise incapacitated, a new Official Agent must be appointed immediately.

To appoint a new Official Agent, the Candidate must inform the Returning Officer in writing and provide the name and residential address of the new Official Agent.