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Considering Candidacy

What to Know When Thinking About Running for Public Office


One of Elections NWT’s most important goals is the removal of barriers to participation in democracy.

We welcome and encourage participation at all levels of the democratic process, while noting that running for public office is a huge, potentially life-changing decision for the candidate (and the candidate’s loved ones). If you are running for office, you’ll need to be well-prepared.


I'm thinking of running for MLA. What do I need to know?
What you need to know about running as an MLA

First, determine your overall budget. Next, you’ll need an official agent. Once they are in place, you’ll want to start planning your actual campaign. Then comes election day! Exciting, but win or lose, your work isn’t over on polling day, by any means. After the election, candidates and their official agents must submit detailed financial reports..

So: if you decide to take on the responsibilities and obligations of a candidate, you can access the Act, the Guide and all the forms you’ll need to get nominated and to run your campaign right here. So give yourself a head start by getting to know the Elections and Plebiscites Act, and taking a moment to read through the Candidates and Official Agents Guides. Find out who your Returning Officer is. They and the guides will provide the information you need about the rules and procedures for running in a territorial election. This website is also full of helpful information, especially in our Candidates and Agents and Resources sections.