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Official Agents

Every Candidate must appoint an Official Agent as part of the nomination process. Being an Official Agent is a serious responsibility.

The role of the Official Agent is to:

  • manage campaign finances on behalf of the candidate
  • receive, raise, or spend money on behalf of the candidate
  • manage a bank account
  • issue tax receipts.

The Official Agent is required to keep detailed records and receipts of campaign contributions and expenses.

The Official Agent also completes the Candidate’s Financial Report and submits that report to the Chief Electoral Officer within 60 days after polling day. Official Agents are legally responsible for submitting this report as well as for the accuracy of the information it conveys.

Candidates should consider appointing someone with bookkeeping or accounting experience as well as experience reading legislation.

Official Agents are volunteers – this is not a paid position.

Who is Eligible to be an Official Agent?

An Official Agent must reside in the Northwest Territories.

The following individuals may NOT serve as an Official Agent:

  • candidates
  • Returning Officers or other election officers
  • employees of the Government of the Northwest Territories.

What if a New Official Agent is Required?

If an Official Agent resigns or dies, a new official agent must be appointed immediately. To appoint a new Official Agent, the candidate must inform the Returning Officer in writing, and provide the name and residential address of the new Official Agent.