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All contributions must be made through an Official Agent.

Contributions may not be received until after a Candidate’s nomination is accepted by Elections NWT.

Money collected by an Official Agent must be deposited in a bank account. In communities without bank services, an account at an approved institution such as a Co-op or Northern store is acceptable.

Campaign contributions come in various forms. A contribution may be money, services, or property.

Only residents, businesses, organizations, and corporations operating in the NWT may contribute to an election campaign to a maximum of $1,500.

A contribution may only exceed $1,500 if it is for transportation or office space. The value of contributions other than cash – for example, a computer or furniture – will be assessed at a fair market value.

Monetary contributions are eligible for a tax receipt up to a maximum value of $1500. Non-monetary contributions are NOT eligible for tax receipts.

There is no limit on what a Candidate may contribute to their own campaign. Candidates may spend their own personal funds during the pre-election period, as well as during the campaign period, so long as all total cumulative expenses do not exceed $30,000. Anonymous contributions are acceptable, but may not exceed $100 per contribution. Anonymous contributions are not eligible for tax receipts.

A detailed accounting of all contributions must be included in the candidate’s financial statement filed by the Official Agent within 60 days after polling day.