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The total value of all election expenses for a Candidate may not exceed $30,000.

Election expenses are any costs incurred or money paid to promote or oppose, directly or indirectly, the election of a Candidate.

Election materials that are re-used from previous campaigns  are considered an election expense, will be assessed at fair market value, and must be reported by the Official Agent.

Typical election expenses include:

  • signs
  • pamphlets and posters
  • promotional items (e.g. buttons, hats, ribbons)
  • travel and transportation
  • administration (e.g. internet, telephone, postage, paper)

The pre-election period, which begins 3 months before the issue of the writ, is the first day that election expenses can be incurred.

During the pre-election period, persons who intend to become candidates can only spend their own money to promote their own election.

During the campaign period, which begins after a person’s nomination papers have been accepted by Elections NWT, the Candidate’s official agent will likely incur most election expenses.  Candidates may pay for their own travel and living expenses.

Official Agents must keep proper records and proof of payment for all expenses.